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Thursday, 1 March 2012

UTAR Engineering Programmes Get Better(UTAR)

   UTAR Faculty of Engineering and Science (FES) welcomed 17 professional representatives from the industry and professional bodies in engineering to the its second Industrial Advisory Panel meeting held on 9 October 2009 at UTAR Kuala Lumpur Campus in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.
      Ir. Rocky H.T. Wong, a representative from The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) who also attended the first industrial advisory panel meeting commented, "Through my observation, the engineering programmes conducted by UTAR have improved from the time my first assessment was conducted during the first industrial advisory panel meeting."
     "UTAR engineering graduates have a competitive edge as they can gain ready employment upon graduation and are candidates of choice when seeking to pursue their postgraduate studies," he added.
    During the meeting, FES Dean Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wang Chan Chin briefed the members of the industrial advisory panel on the developments of the University since its first meeting, covering the various programmes conducted in UTAR, the University's organisational structure, student enrolment, faculties, campuses, university achievements, research and collaboration activities as well as research centres.

     Dr. Wang also introduced the panel members to UTAR's new faculty - the Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology - and informed them about the new Architecture programme that would be conducted in UTAR starting next year.
He elaborated on the quality improvement measures taken by the FES and particularly emphasised on the importance of receiving input from industry practitioners to improve the Faculty's engineering programmes.
He said, "It is good for us to receive feedback from the industry on the skills that our students should possess in order to gain employment so that we can further refine our engineering programme curriculum to cater to the industry. There may be certain types of skills and soft skills that our graduates need to possess to succeed in the industry such as interpersonal skills, knowledge in law, management, accounting and economic. To gain an understanding of the skills needed, we need to consult with industry practitioners."
In addition to that, Dr. Wang conveyed his aspiration for UTAR engineering programmes to receive international professional accreditation status so that the Faculty�s graduates would find it easier to obtain employment overseas and the Faculty would be able to attract more international students to study engineering in UTAR.
        The meeting ended with a departmental group discussion based on respective fields of disciplines and a campus tour of the UTAR Kuala Lumpur Campus.
Members of the Industrial Advisory Panel meet periodically to discuss matters related to the engineering programmes of the University and offer feedback and constructive views that can help further improve the programmes.

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