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Friday, 2 March 2012

AIMST Produces Quality ICT Graduates

THREE to four decades ago, nobody could have imagined that Information and Communications Technology (ICT) would bring tremendous changes to our lives.

ICT is vital in many sectors such as banking and commerce, marketing, health care services, communications, entertainment, transportation, natural resources management, waste management, robotics and manufacturing and space exploration.

AIMST's degree programmes in Computer Science and Information Technology are designed to meet the challenges in the current ICT trend.

A three-year degree programme in Computer Science, with a specialisation either in software engineering, networking or multimedia is blended with other engineering flavour to produce graduates who can meet the current industrial requirements.

Apart from this degree programme, AIMST also offers three degree programmes in Information Technology: Bachelor of Information Technology (Information Systems), Bachelor of Information Technology (Management) and Bachelor of Information Technology (Multimedia Systems).

The Bachelor of Information Technology (Information Systems) programme
 is aimed at producing graduates who are capable of managing complex information systems.
The Bachelor of Information Technology (Management) programme is aimed at producing graduates who are capable of using, designing, developing and managing complex information systems in a business organisation.
The Bachelor of Information Technology (Multimedia Systems) programme will enable students to gain insight into more aesthetic aspects of modern multimedia system implementations.

Besides these degree programmes, AIMST also offers a two-and-a- half year diploma programme in computer networking

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