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Friday, 2 March 2012

Introduction of FSKM ICT Week 2010

Come join over 1000 participants from future knowledge workers in
 Malaysia and users in the IT carnival which concentrate on green technology
 which will be held on 24th March 2010 to 27th March 2010 at Faculty of 
Computer Science and Mathematical, University Technology MARA, 
Shah Alam Selangor.

IS AND IT GOING GREEN CARNIVAL is heralded as the platform for 
“gathering of tribes” of IT communities, as well as businesses, 
academicians and its’ communities to
 share and show off their thoughts, experiences, ideas and projects.
 By end of the event,
 it will create awareness to the meaning and importance
 of “IS and IT Going Green” and also

 cultivating individuals and organization towards the same direction. 

As the meat of the event is its presentations and discussions, 

we have allocated 6 speaking slots opportunities.
 Drawing on a huge community we will discuss some of the most current and 
poignant topics in the industry today.

IS AND IT GOING GREEN CARNIVAL is organized by an Executive Committee
 comprised of volunteers from FSKM student UiTM.
 As such, it requires support through strategic partnerships that will 
assist it in fulfilling its role.

IS AND IT GOING GREEN CARNIVAL offers a dynamic opportunity to
 strengthen your organization’s exposure to your key target markets.

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